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by | Jan 28, 2014

Note: the following comes from this month’s newsletters, but I wanted to get it out, given the urgency of registering!

The CFA Institute has made a huge commitment in our segment of the industry by creating, maintaining and administering the Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement Program. I am always excited when I see folks, both senior as well as relatively new, with the CIPM designation. But I’m also disappointed that more haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity. 

To me, there are two major reasons to do so:

1) For what it will do for you

The reality is that many fields have developed professional certifications. Clearly, there’s a recognition that there is value in being “certified.” The “CIPM” gives unbiased testimony to your skills and knowledge in the areas of performance and risk measurement. It says to your colleagues, your employer, as well as anyone else you come in contact with, that you know your stuff!

2) For what it will do for our segment of the industry

For those of us who have been in the industry for 20 years or longer, we’ve seen how the role of performance and risk measurement has grown into a highly respected and valued part of the world of investing. All areas of investment management have incorporated performance
reporting. The CIPM program is one way to give further credibility to the important role we play.

I’ll confess a degree of frustration and disappointment that more senior level performance measurement folks haven’t pursued the exam. Granted, many have built up a “resume” and reputation that speaks quite loudly that they have skills and experience.

However, by pursuing the exam they will set an example for others, and further add to the importance suggestive of the program. I know I’ll leave a lot of folks off, but will briefly list just a few of the senior investment professionals I know who have achieved this certification:

  • Carl Bacon 

  • Ann Putalaz
  • Douglas Lempereur 

  • John Simpson
  • Neil Riddles 

  • Jed Schneider
  • Debi Deyo Rossi 

  • Tim Ryan
  • Sandra Hahn Colbert 

  • Gerard van Breukelen
  • Annie Lo
NONE of these folks HAD TO get this designation. Each one had already established themselves as knowledgeable and experienced investment performance professionals. But they invested the time to accomplish this objective. While I can’t speak for any of them, I suspect that many did so, not so much for themselves, but for the industry.

The CFA Institute spent a great deal of time analyzing and revising the program, to make it even better. Isn’t it time YOU took it?

The next exam period is in April, but you only have until January 31 to register. 

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