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It’s not about me

by | Aug 30, 2009

This morning, while driving to the store, I happened to catch Rev.DeForest “Buster” Soaries preaching on the radio. Buster is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, NJ. I know Buster and have heard him preach, both in person and on the radio, and know him as a very gifted and powerful speaker. Today he spoke about the notion that what we want, what we do, or where we are shouldn’t be based on what we want, but rather on what God wants. He cited the first line of Rick Warren’s book: “It’s not about you.”

This caused me to reflect a bit on some of my actions. During the past ten months or so I have been extremely forthcoming with my views regarding the proposed changes to GIPS(r). Some of these comments drew a negative reaction because I was offering editorial views rather than simply stating what the proposed changes were. Even my recent article in the NYSSA’s journal caused some angst with some folks. The easy thing for me to have done would have simply stayed quiet and, at most, stated what the proposed changes were, without offering any commentary. But that’s not me.

Clearly not everyone is comfortable being so outspoken, even if they disagree, mildly or strongly, with what’s being proposed. Even some folks in influential positions who we might expect to offer their views often remain silent. For me, professionally, it might very well have been better to have been like that. But when I see something I disagree with or think is wrong, I believe it’s my duty and obligation to speak out, regardless of the fallback that may occur.

The GIPS Executive Committee will meet in Singapore in a few weeks to begin to hash out the final version of the next edition of the standards. I would very much like to be there to hear what’s discussed, but will be conducting a GIPS verification that week and so will have to wait until they make their decisions public.

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