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Keep Growing!

by | Jan 27, 2015


Yesterday’s post was based on the fifth of eight “qualities of a winner” outlined in Joel Osteen’s You Can, You Will. Those who have such a quality are on the path to success.

I also saw how his sixth quality of a winner, “Keep Growing,” is one that all of us should strive for, especially those who consider themselves to be performance measurement professionals.

There are so many ways we can grow, personally and professionally. I’ve always been a “life time learner,” culminating, perhaps, with last year’s receipt of my long-desired and sought for doctorate (although I haven’t stopped trying to grow).

“Winners never stop learning,” Joel wrote. “Whether you’re nine or ninety years old, you should constantly be learning, improving your skills, and getting better at what you do.

He further suggested that “When you stop learning, you stop growing. Whatever you do, get better at it.”

The CIPM Program – a great way to keep growing!

There are so many ways that this can be accomplished. The CFA Institute’s CIPM® (Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement) program, is of course, one way to do this. By successfully pursuing the CIPM, you not only gain knowledge and add to your expertise, you have a recognized way to represent it for all to see.

Additional ways to keep growing

TSG offers several other ways, including:

Never stop learning; keep growing. This will help improve your chances of even greater success in your career and your life.

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