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Lehman’s challenges and questionable actions

by | Mar 12, 2010

The Wall Street Journal reported today that a very detailed and costly to produce (> $30 million) report on Lehman has just been published. Is this a “must read”? Perhaps not, especially given its length (2,200 pages, with the table of contents 45 pages long) but it supposedly “reads like a best seller.”

While the print version of the paper is always great to have, the online version of WSJ often provides a bit more, like a link to the report! While we may want to wait for the condensed version, this may prove to be an interesting “summer read.”

I’m listening to Henry M. Paulson’s On the Brink, which is quite good. It provides some insights into what went on at Lehman, but obviously not to the extent that we will find in this monster of a report. No doubt, those of us who had dealings with Lehman or simply were aware of their existence will find some interest in the intrigue that led to their demise.

p.s., if you enjoy reading but don’t always have the time, I recommend listening! While I do a lot of actual reading, I also can go through a book within a week or two simply by listening while I drive (what sales guru Zig Ziglar refers to as “automobile university”). A client turned me on to, where you can order unabridged versions of books at half or less than what they sell for at the major booksellers. Something to consider!

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