CIPM Exam Tips & Tricks

I am teaching TSG’s prep class for the CIPM Principles and Expert level exams this week in Chicago, and it became apparent to me that most of the students in the class were not aware that CFA Institute has a “List of Formulas” document as part of the curriculum that candidates are responsible for.

Notably, one of the changes in the curriculum that went into effect in this exam window is that the entire curriculum was packaged into the “Virtual Bookshelf” program/app.  Previously, the curriculum was a loose set of PDF files that had to be downloaded, and in the past, the List of Formulas was one of those PDF files.  For some reason, that document was not bundled into the “Virtual Bookshelf” utility.

The list of formulae is actually available a the following link:  Candidates should review this document as they study.

Note:  if you have purchased our flash cards, you are taken care of, as the flash cards have all of the formulas in the list (plus some additional formulae).

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