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GIPS and Hedge Funds

Back in November, I spoke on GIPS and hedge funds at a conference hosted by Rimes.  I was reminded the other day that I planned to share this video snippet here, but hadn't gotten around to sharing the post. But, the topic is still quite relevant, so, here it is......

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What is the Sharpe Ratio… in words?

Occasionally, when teaching our classes, I get a question along the lines of, "Can you explain what the Sharpe Ratio is, in 100 words or less?" Here's what I say (I'll try to be concise, but it may be over 100 words... You could have chosen to invest without taking...

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What is Shortfall Risk?

An Expert Level CIPM candidate recently emailed me regarding a question on the sample exam found on the CFA Institute website in the CIPM Program area at this link.  Specifically they asked a question regarding question #12, which asks about the shortfall risk of the...

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Option Hedge Ratio

Continuing on the theme of errata, the CIPM Program recently made a change to one of the Learning Outcome Statements in the Return Measurement study session at the Expert Level.  I am happy to see this change made, as I made this suggestion several years ago. One of...

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