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Madoff on risk

by | Apr 12, 2011

I was intrigued by an interview that appeared in last weekend’s Financial Times: “Madoff spins his story.” This is the longest interview to date of the formerly well respected investor, until his record-setting Ponzi scheme was revealed.

It’s definitely worth a read, as we discover who some of the banks are that Madoff hinted previously were knowledgeable of his misdeeds. He is no doubt in many ways paying for his crimes, with the breakup of his family and the recent suicide of his older son. I am not by any means suggesting that one feel any degree of pity for him, as it’s undeserved.

It occurred to me that I might approach him to do an interview for The Journal of Performance Measurement(R). Wouldn’t it be interesting to gain some insight into his views on risk: how to measure it, how to identify it? Perhaps, how to detect a Ponzi scheme or fraud? He is quick to blame others for failing to find him out, as if it’s not entirely his fault for what occurred. I’d ask him about managing money but given that he stopped doing any actual trades decades ago, it would be fruitless. But insights into his views on risk might be interesting. Something to consider.

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