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Madoff or GIPS 2010, Madoff or GIPS 2010, …

by | Jun 30, 2009

Okay, I’ll comment on both:

Madoff – 150 years is the right sentence. The max is what this man deserves given what he did to many faithful and trusting friends and investors. Even his wife and sons have (rightly) turned their backs on this man. It’s difficult to fathom how someone could have done what he did, but then again there are many crimes for which there is simply no answer. Man’s inhumanity to man continues.

GIPS 2010 – okay, there are only a few hours more to get your comments in. Think enough folks have spoken? Not really … unless you’re one of them. Don’t want to comment on everything? Fine, just comment on the item(s) you feel most passionate about. The GIPS EC wants to hear from you. In looking at the list of commenters (is that a word?) there are many friends and associates who are missing. So please, let the EC know what you think!

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