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Michael Vick returns to football

by | Aug 16, 2009

There will no doubt be a lot of controversy surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles’ announcement that they have signed former Atlanta Falcons quarterback and convicted dog fight promoter Michael Vick to a two year contract. I happen to believe that Vick “did his time” and deserves a second chance. But what does this have to do with investment performance? Well, not very much, but…

In our attribution class I often reference the 2005 NFC Championship game when the Philadelphia Eagles defeated Vick and the Falcons. Newspapers credited the Eagles defensive coordinator, Jim Johnson for his strategy to shut Vick down as a big factor in the Eagles’ victory.

Sports often serves as a metaphor for attribution. And there’s some irony here that Vick has joined the Eagles. As an Eagles fan and a former Vick admirer, I wish them both success this coming season.

p.s., Recall that I commented on Jim Johnson’s death on July 28, so if this topic seems familiar, that’s why!

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