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No answers for this one

by | Dec 15, 2012

Almost every day I receive questions from clients and others about various aspects of performance and risk. And for the most part I am able to respond, either with my opinion or an answer based on fact.

What occurred yesterday in Newtown, CT leaves me, and no doubt you, too, with no answers. How anyone could commit such a heinous crime baffles us to no end. How anyone can kill small, frail, innocent children, as well as innocent adults, is something that none of us can give a good reply to, other than perhaps madness. This young man was set on a journey of destruction; his motives or the basis for such action will probably never be known. Man’s inhumanity to man is still shocking to me. But it’s difficult to think of anything that can compare to this horror.

One of my friends expressed being somewhat at loss as to how to pray for the parents who lost their young children; I suggested that to pray that they be given peace and comfort is an okay thing to do. They will forever, probably every single day, be reminded of their loss. Nothing I can think of can compare to such a loss, especially at this time of year, as most of these young folks were awaiting the arrival of Santa in less than two weeks, and others just wrapping up the festival of lights, a time that no doubt brought them much joy.

Two weeks from yesterday is the Feast of the Holy Innocents, when we remember those victims of Herod’s pursuit of the newborn Christ child. Those youngsters who died yesterday are holy innocents, too.

My heart aches as I think of what occurred. As a parent and grandparent, perhaps this event is more hurtful, though I don’t believe we need to have any children to know how horrible this crime was.

I pray for the parents, family, and friends who suffered the loss of a child yesterday. And, I pray for the victims; it is my hope that they are at peace, resting in the arms of a loving God.

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