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Today’s webinar (February 27, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time) from TSG’s webinar series should be of great interest to Expert Level CIPM candidates, as I will be covering the subject of futures contracts and performance measurement.

The webcast is actually on the subject of futures contracts and forward contracts.  For part of this session, I will be covering two of the readings that are required reading for Expert candidates – the readings dealing with rate of return calculations with futures, and also dealing with attribution analysis with futures.

But… that’s not all!

I will also cover a couple of other topics that are part of the CIPM Expert Level curriculum, as they relate to futures contracts. Granted, the CIPM curriculum does not relate futures to these topics, but, in reality they are relevant to futures, and anyway, should be of interest to candidates.  The additional subjects are:

  • off-benchmark decisions in performance attribution
  • attribution with short positions.

The link that you can follow to attend the webcast is here!

(In the event you are not able to attend, the webcast will be available at the TSG web store shortly after the event.)

Happy studying!

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