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Performance Measurement Forum’s Autumn 2009 Meeting: Rome

by | Nov 12, 2009

Patrick Fowler and I are in Rome this week for the Autumn session for the European chapter of the group. This is the second time we’ve held the meeting in this beautiful and historic city (the first time was when Italy was still using lira) and the third in Italy (we held a meeting in Milan not long ago).

As always, we expect the sessions to be quite interesting and energetic. So much is going on and so much has happened since we last met in the Spring. This is the first meeting since we established the blog in June.

The Forum is a members-only group that’s been in existence for 11 years. Several of our members have belonged since the beginning: in fact, our first member of the group came from Europe (we actually launched the North America chapter a bit earlier than the European one).

Because of the group’s high degree of interaction, we limit the number of members. We are pleased that a couple members from the United States will join us this week. Not only is the meeting a great excuse to visit this great city, many find the subtle differences between the two regions worth investigating.

I can’t go into a great deal of detail regarding what we discuss, but will share some highlights over the coming days. Ciao!

To learn more about the forum, contact Patrick Fowler at 732-873-5700 or

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