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PMAR is the best performance measurement conference, says who? Well, just read some of the comments from attendees and speakers!

by | May 3, 2018


It’s not difficult for a performance measurement conference promoter to claim their conference is the best. TSG has, for many years, claimed that its PMAR (Performance Measurement, Attribution & Risk) conferences are the best. In a recent blog post  I encouraged readers to compare ours with those others offer. We are confident you will conclude that this claim is factual.

To add to this earlier presentation, we decided to let you read some of the comments we’ve received from some of our speakers and attendees.

A global array of PMAR supporters!

While some of these individuals are well known veterans of the industry, some, perhaps, may not be as well known to you. But each has attended and/or spoken at PMAR, at least once, and in some cases, more than a dozen times! And in some cases, PMAR North America, Europe, AND West!

PMAR speakers and attendees, from managers, asset owners, and software vendors

We are always appreciative of attendees and speakers who are willing to share their thoughts, good or bad, with us.

Some, as you can see, are rather pithy, while others verbose. We thank each of them for their comments and willingness for us to share them with you.

PMAR: try it, you’ll like (love!) it

If you’ve never attended a PMAR conference, you owe it to yourself, your career, and your firm/organization to try it out. And, something no other conference offers: a money-back guarantee. We accept the risk. Attend PMAR, and if you decide it’s not what you expected, we’ll refund 100% of your fee.

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