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PMAR IX Transcripts Published

by | Jan 11, 2012

We’re pleased to announce that the transcripts from last year’s Performance Measurement, Attribution, and Risk (PMAR) conference has been published. Since TSG began the conference ten years ago, we have gone to the expense of time and money to produce these reports, because of the valuable information that’s shared at the events.

As Patrick Fowler stated in the press release which was published last week, there are several reasons we go to this expense: “our speakers and topics are very important, and we want to capture what is shared, as it often makes a profound impact on the industry. Second, we know that it’s easy to forget some of what is shared during a talk, and these books allow attendees to review sessions to recall information, and perhaps gain additional insights. Third, we know that many who attend would like to share the information with others in their firm, but even the most gifted listener cannot record all the pertinent details of a speech. Fourth, our vendors are given the opportunity to place advertisements in these books, which is yet another way for them to communicate with our clients. And finally, we believe that the transcripts bring back great memories of the event, as we include many photos that our attendees can peruse. In addition to the transcripts, attendees receive audio CDs, which allow them to listen to the conference presentations, and share with their colleagues.” All attendees of the conference receive complimentary copies of these materials.

The transcripts for last year’s PMAR Europe III will be published shortly. Attendees of last year’s event will be sent complimentary copies, along with audio CDs of the program.

PMAR North America X will be held at the Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia on May 23 and 24. PMAR Europe III will be held at the America Square Conference Centre in London on June 12 and 13. To learn more about these conferences, please contact Christopher Spaulding or Patrick Fowler  or visit TSG’s website.

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