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Principles & Expert: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition…

by | Apr 25, 2010

I suspect that most current CIPM candidates at both the Principles and Expert levels are about to sit for their exams this week – that’s what the statistics tell us. (CFA Institute shortened the test taking window from two months to one month for this very reason, effective this period.)

You may very likely be feeling the fatigue of studying these past several weeks, and need a strategy to keep you fresh with the information over the next few days without overloading your brains.

My recommendation to you at this point is that you sit down and recite (on paper) your formulae that you are required to know for the exam. Do this as many times as you can over the next few days.

Repetition is a key to success. For this particular blog post, I chose to include a picture of Coach John Wooden (UCLA, 10 national championships). All good coaches encourage their athletes to repeat things over and over (plays, footwork, drills). One reason is to build up muscle memory, so that the body (and brain) will do what it has practiced and is accustomed to, even when exhausted or faced with adversity.

When you are sitting for the exam, you want to respond to the questions like Kobe Bryant taking a last second shot with the game on the line and a hand in his face blocking his view of the basket. You want to respond like you have been there before, hundreds of times, and as if it is second nature to you (if not first nature!).

OK, maybe a last second shot in an NBA game is over-dramatic, but you get my meaning… repeat for success!

(and, if you are looking for a good study distraction, check out !)

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