The 1998 Third Annual Survey of Risk Management Practices of Unit Trusts in Singapore


Author: Cornelis A. Los

Since Dr. Los published the 1997 results of his excellent survey with us, we looked forward to reviewing and comparing this latest report.  However, we never anticipated the strong attention the findings would elicit.  And we can see why.  Dr. Los' research, while acknowledging the great strides made in risk management practices following Singapore's deregulation, also reveals the need for greater disclosure of risk exposure among the unit trusts he studies.  The information is particularly timely given the renewed interest in Asian investment.  Dr. Los has been interviewed regarding his findings by The Asian Wall St. Journal and the Hong Kong-based Asia Asset Management, a monthly magazine, which plans to distribute them to delegates attending a major indexing conference there in Septemenber.  And, he presented a version of this paper, in July, at the 11th Annual Pacific-Basin Capital Markets/Financial Management Association (PACAP/FMA) Conference, in Singapore.

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