Risk Management Webcast with Stephen Campisi, CFA November 15, 2012


Risk Management Webcast- Stephen Campisi, CFA Part of Risk Week 11:00 am (EST) – 1:00 pm November 15, 2012

Multi-factor models in risk attribution

November 15, 2012 - A Client's Perspective on Risk:
Why Managing Risk is Crucial to Meeting the Client's Goals

Stephen Campisi, CFA - US Trust

      • A look at risk in terms of meeting client financial goals using both forward and backward looking approaches.
      • A shift from examining returns only to examining risk in terms of money and the client's view of "success"
      •  A long-term view of the risk and return inherent in the investment decision making process
      • A look at  traditional risk measures, with insights gained from looking at the pattern of risk over time
      • Why this is the future of Performance and Risk

11:00 am (EST) - 1:00 pm

Risk Management

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