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September 11 … eight years later

by | Sep 11, 2009

I think it’s fitting, on this eighth anniversary of 9/11, to pause and reflect on that horrible day. There are a few events in our lives that we recall a lot of details about: some are especially wonderful, such as births and weddings, while others are tragic and so stunning that they make a lasting impression upon us. Many of us, for example, recall where we were when JFK died. Well, 9/11 is another such event.

Oddly, we still hear how some believe that the whole episode was created by our federal government, or how the Bush administration knew it was going to occur but didn’t take action because they thought it would be a way to take us into war. Such conspiracy thinkers degrade the very fabric of our nation. It’s unfortunate that leading up to this anniversary was the release of the man behind the Lockerbie crash that resulted in the death of 259 innocent people — another tragedy that impacted countless lives.

I will forever be touched by the events of 9/11. While watching it unfold from a hotel room in London, I felt that surely this must be a dream for such a thing couldn’t really happen, could it? My son, Chris, and I were in downtown NYC recently and road the PATH train from Jersey City to the WTC station. The train always pauses as it approaches the stop, which allows me to say a silent prayer for those victims. To me, this space will forever be hallowed ground.

Tonight, my wife and I will participate in an annual community remembrance at our town’s 9/11 memorial. Like many NJ towns, ours actively solicited contributions from individuals and businesses to formally mark this event. It’s something we’re quite proud of.

As on that day eight years ago, I offer a prayer for the victims, their family, and our nation.

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