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TSG receives two Wealth & Money Management Awards

by | Nov 3, 2014

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Not just one award, but two! Wealth & Money Management Awards

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce that we received two Wealth & Money Management Awards. We were named:

  • Best for GIPS Consulting
  • Best for Performance Measurement.

The awards were presented by Wealth & Finance International Magazine. The magazine published a 2014 Winners’ Supplement that showcases all of the winners (see pages 58 & 59 for ours). The magazine also published a press release to announce the awards. We also issued a press release with our response to the award.

We are in our 25th year of business, and so these awards are especially exciting for us. We knew nothing about these awards until we were notified a couple months ago; and we were “sworn to secrecy” until the magazine published its supplement.

Acknowledgements Wealth & Money Management Awards

I thank our entire team for their contributions, dedication, and hard work which led to this recognition, and want to especially acknowledge our company’s president, Patrick Fowler; our head of strategy and business development, Chris Spaulding; and our head of West Coast Operations, John Simpson.

I love this line: if you see a turtle sitting atop a fence post, chances are someone helped him get there. And these gentlemen, along with the rest of our team, definitely contributed to our success.

We thank Wealth & Finance International Magazine for this honor. We are humbled and much appreciative of this recognition.

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