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The art of investing

by | Sep 24, 2011

Since almost the beginning of this blog, I have incorporated clipart, to add color, effect, humor, and sometimes wonder (as you wonder what the heck it’s there for). The selection has always followed the subject, until today.

Clipart has the word “art” in it. And while I deplore the notion that there is anything artful about graffiti (i.e., that those who display them are “graffiti artists”), clipart frequently exhibits art-like qualities. And for one who very much enjoys and appreciates art, being able to include pieces that somehow (though not always very clearly) tie into the post’s theme is fun and sometimes challenging (I usually include clipart with my PowerPoint presentations, too). Speaking of art, I am one who believes that a bare wall borders on being sinful, and our home and office walls are replete with art and other pieces, that perhaps aren’t always very artful, but at least add something to the rooms.

Charles Bragg is a very unique artist. Like many other painters (Vincent van Gogh comes to mind, for example), his style is easily recognizable. I recall the first time I saw his work: my wife and I attended an art auction at the Pearl Harbor Officers’ Club (I was with the 25th Infantry Division a few miles north at Schoefield Barracks; Hawaii was hardly a “hardship tour”), where they exhibited about five of his paintings. I did not care for his art at all. However, within a few weeks it grew on me, and I decided that I actually liked it (and regretted not having arrived at this realization earlier, when  we could have acquired one or two of his pieces at an attractive price). Much of his work deals with the medical or legal professions, though he has produced a few paintings that tie into investing. I have wanted to acquire a piece for a long time, but they were always outside my price range, or simply more than I cared to spend, until this week.

I happened to locate the piece shown above on eBay, and was quite pleased by my good fortune. It will arrive shortly and appear in our offices (hopefully my colleagues won’t mind). My wife knows of my enjoyment of Bragg’s work, and is pleased by my acquisition.

Many folks have done pieces that tie into what we do, often with a serious tone: there is rarely anything very serious about a Bragg. If you have a piece that you like (it doesn’t have to be a Bragg), please send me a photo so I can include it here.

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