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The CIPM isn’t just for junior level performance measurers

by | Jun 20, 2012

While a number of senior performance measurement professionals have taken and passed the CIPM® (Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement) exams (e.g., Carl Bacon, Sandra Hahn-Colbert, Douglas Lempereur, Annie Lo, Neil Riddles, Debi Rossi, Tim Ryan, Jed Schneider, John Simpson), there are countless more who haven’t.
Most of the senior folks who took the exams didn’t need to prove anything. I suspect many chose to in order to (a) show support for the program, (b) show support for the performance measurement industry, and (c) as an example to others.
I encourage others in our profession, who have nothing to prove,
to join us and take the exam
  • As an example to your staff, associates, and colleagues
  • To help foster and promote the program, which is an excellent one that anyone who considers themselves a performance measurement professional should support
  • For our segment of the industry.
Are the exams difficult? Absolutely. You will need to review the material and study. But your success will be an achievement you’ll be proud of, and carrying the “CIPM” after your name will be a sign to others of your dedication and commitment for our profession, as well as your expertise.

Don’t delay any longer; register for the October exam today!

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