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by | Sep 21, 2012

I recently asked readers to submit their view on the “top five struggles” facing performance measurement departments. Seven folks responded. 

Not surprisingly, there was no single struggle identified by all; in fact, there wasn’t a great deal of overlap. Some individuals responded in just a few words, while others provided detailed explanations. I have summarized the responses into this list of 23:

1. Systems
2. The group’s role within the firm
3. Performance data requests
4. Moving away from spreadsheets
5. Creating and documenting procedures
6. Data integrity/quality/completeness
7. End users not taking advantage of the attribution data for future decisions
8. Staffing for development projects / IT support
9. Time
10. Ability to think up new solutions
11. Changes in historical data
12. Timeliness of the entire process; meeting unrealistic deadlines
13. Attribution analysis standards
14. Client questions
15. Training
16. Communications: inability of internal/external clients to articulate requests fully
17. Lack of attention to markets and developments
18. Product knowledge
19. Testing process
20. Innovation
21. Talent retention
22. Decision making
23. Leadership

I said that one would be selected to receive copies of our last two books; I’ve decided to send each copies, along with our formula reference guide! Thanks for participating. I will shortly show OUR list, and will address this topic in greater detail in this month’s newsletter.

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