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Upcoming Webinar – Excel Tips & Tricks for Performance Professionals

by | Aug 12, 2011

Granted, CIPM candidates are not able to use Microsoft Excel during their examinations. But one of the points I make to candidates that attend our CIPM Exam Prep Classes is that I do strongly believe that Microsoft Excel (or a similar spreadsheet software product) can be used as a powerful study tool.

In today’s world, we’ve seen more and more that people learn more when they have a tactile experience with their curriculum. Also, we are typically more accustomed to using spreadsheets to perform calculations than calculators. Thus, I encourage candidates to use spreadsheets during their study time for any calculations they are required to learn, especially in the areas of attribution and risk.

Thus, I want to mention that there is a great learning opportunity available to CIPM candidates (and performance professionals in general)! My colleague, Jed Schneider, CIPM, FRM will be conducting a webinar entitled Excel Tips and Tricks for Performance Professionals. Jed will be conducting the webcast along with another performance professional that I highly respect, Neil Riddles, CFA, CIPM.

We are seeing a very high number of people sign up for this event, and I believe it is one that candidates will not want to miss!

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