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Waltzing through the blogosphere

by | Nov 28, 2009

I guess it’s not surprising that as a blogger, I occasionally wonder around looking at other blogs … I regularly visit about a dozen and am always looking for new ones to add to my list. Today I’ve visited several new sites and have picked up a few ideas.

As far as I know it, my blog remains unique in its focus, addressing topics such as the GIPS(R) standards, rates of return, performance attribution, and risk on a regular basis.

To date we’ve attracted some 500 visitors, which I guess is pretty good as a start. Our newsletter has several thousand subscribers, so perhaps we have a bit to go to get to that level. Visitors have come from every continent and many different countries. And while only a few have signed up as “friends” so far, we know that many circle back regularly. The idea of being a “friend” is that you are notified when a new post is added.

Photo by chrismar
I’m pleased that we’ve had a few comments regarding posts, as this suggests that some agree while others not with what has been offered.
I’ve now been blogging for six months and am open to your ideas, thoughts, suggestions. Feel free to contact me directly ( or by posting a comment. Thanks!

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