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by | Sep 24, 2013

A few sessions at last week’s GIPS(R) (Global Investment Performance Standards) conference provided some insights into work, under development. I mentioned yesterday the presentation on pooled funds. There were also sessions on (the often talked about here) client reporting “principles” initiative, as well as on risk.

The conference employed devices that allowed the attendees to “vote” on various questions that were posed. I did not see them employed extensively, but found them to be an interesting way to gain feedback from those hearing the presentation.

It would have been great, in my view, had the attendees been asked what they thought of various ideas being considered. For example, “do you favor requiring firms to provide composite presentations to prospective fund shareholders?,” or “do you favor reporting standards?,” or “do you want to see risk standards beyond what is required today?” Such information might be helpful as these documents move forward.

It is always good to know what is in the works. This allows us to be prepared so that we can make sure we offer our views. I will keep you informed as I learn more.

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