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by | Sep 30, 2009

If you were to speak with virtually ANY of my English teachers you’d quickly learn how much I didn’t like being in class…I was a “math” guy early on and developed a firm belief that my general dislike for all things relating to writing was attributable to an irrefutable fact that there exists an inverse correlation between math and writing: that is, you’re either good at one or the other, but not both. (talk about a run on sentence!!!) It wasn’t long after I left school that I realized that one HAS to write, and so I grudgingly gave in. Over time, I found that I liked to write. And, I realized that to become better, I had to (a) read regularly and ( b) read about writing.

It’s probably no surprise that in the blogosphere there are many who devote their time and effort to improve the writing of others. One such site is managed by Susan Weiner, who also happens to write in the investment space. I encourage you to visit her site and sign up so that you learn of new postings that you will no doubt find of interest. Whether you write regularly or not, you’re sure to learn a few things.

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