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WSJ @ 125 years … and still going strong

by | Jul 9, 2014

WSJ 125

If you’re a regular reader of this blog or our newsletters, you know I am a big fan of celebrating anniversaries. I am pleased that The Wall Street Journal feels the same way. Today marks the 125th anniversary of the paper’s start: QUITE a milestone. They celebrated with a copy of the cover from their first issue.

We learned quite a bit from today’s paper, including the fact that GE is the only remaining stock of the original Dow Jones average (something that may come in handy should you appear on Jeopardy!).

TSG begins its 25th year this month (Linkedin has informed all of my contacts that I’ve been with the company 24 years: a personal record!). And so, we will be coming out shortly with a logo to commemorate our silver anniversary, as well as doing  some other things to promote the occasion.

Anniversaries, especially ones ending in “5” or “0” are  always  worthy of special attention. My wife and I, for example, went to Hawaii (where we lived for 39 months when I was in the Army) for our 35th anniversary and to Aruba for our 40th. I’m sure we’ll mark our 50th (which is 7 1/2 years away) with something extra special.

I’ve been a huge fan of the WSJ for many years. It should be read by everyone, not those involved in “the market.” It takes me less than two minutes to review our local paper, while it can take many multiples of this to go through just the first section of the journal.

We congratulate The Wall Street Journal on its 125th, and wish it many more years of success.

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