Presenters and Panelists

David D. Spaulding, DPS, CIPM

Conference Moderator

Ashley Reeves, CIPM

GIPS Standards

Shalonda Epps, CIPM

GIPS Standards

John D. Simpson, CIPM

Technology Panel: Cybersecurity & Automation

John Longo, Ph.D., CFA

Digital Currency

Jeff Fisher

Dietz Award Winner

PMAR North America XX


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 How To Identify Active Manager Skill – Three Different Methods

Dan diBartolomeo, Northfield Information Services

Private Equity Performance and IRR

Jesse Reyes, J-Curve Advisors

TAMPS, Third Party Platforms and Model Marketplaces

Noreen Beaman, Orion Advisor Solutions

DIETZ AWARD WINNER: Risk-Adjusted Performance Attribution: A Synthesis of Approaches

Jeff Fisher, The Pavonis Group

The GIPS® Standards

Ashley Reeves, CIPM, TSG, Inc.; Mike Beck, CFP, CIPM, CAIA, Glenmede; Shalonda Epps, CIPM, Xponance; Debi Deyo Rossi, CIPM, Kyza Performance Consulting; Sean Gilligan, CFA, CPA, CIPM, Longs Peak Advisory Services

The Danger in Focusing on Macro Decisions-Based Performance Attribution

Arun Muralidhar, Ph.D., Mcube Investment Technologies

Technology Panel – What the Future Holds: AI and Cybersecurity and Automation

John D. Simpson, CIPM, TSG; George Mar, Archer; Mark Elliott, SS&C; Jonnathan DeJesus, CFA, CIPM, Members Trust Company

ESG  – Performance and Reporting Implications

Gustavo Bernal Torres, CFA, Invartis

An Overview of Crypto Currency and What Performance Professionals Need to be Aware of

John Longo, Ph.D., Rutgers University; John D. Simpson, CIPM, TSG, Inc.

What You Need to be Prepared For This November: NEW SEC Guidelines

Pamela Grosetti, K&L Gates; Chuck Martin, Vigilant

Performance Integrity Controls: Practical Considerations and Uses of Data

Claude Giguere, Robust Technologies; Rich Mailhos, Meradia

Presenting Data Graphically: Telling The Story Visually

Jesse Santos, State Street

Performance, Risk, and Attribution Open Discussion:

An interactive session modeled after the Performance Measurement Forum. This will provide a unique information exchange environment for all attendees and participants to ask questions amongst their peers.

Pamela Grossetti

Impact on New SEC Requirements

Chuck Martin

Impact on New SEC Requirements

May 10-11, 2022


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM



Westin Philadelphia

Live Stream

99 South – 17th Street

Philadelphia, PA

Dan diBartolomeo

Active Manager Skill

Gustavo Bernal Torres, CFA


Debi Rossi, CIPM

GIPS Standards

Jesse Santos

Bringing Data to Life

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