Performance Perspectives Newsletter

Performance Perspectives Newsletter


A bit thin this month; An idea for employee retention; CIPM practice survey announcement; Book Review: How to Read and Why; Puzzle time; 2018 events


Recollections of a fun workshop “Down Under”; A better understanding of risk; I like to tweet; Long awaited attribution book; Puzzle time; 2017 events


Trying to keep up with GIPS: verifier independence; Puzzle time; Consulting in Sydney; Hurricane relief event; 2017 events; Never stop learning


Is midday or intraday cash flow treatment acceptable?; Book review: Ike and Dick; Keeping up with GIPS webinar; Puzzle time; 2017 events


Holding on for dear life; Quotation; Best practices for assessing a pension fund’s performance; GIPS® is pouring it on!; Puzzle time; 2017 events


Making sense out of the asset owners’ composite return; More from GIPS; Puzzle time; 2017 events


What happened to April?; Non-GIPS Verifications…An option for many!; book review: Prince Charles; GIPS Compliant? What do you show for new strategies?; GIPS 20/20 consultation paper released; Puzzle time; 2017 events


Timing is everything; An advisory fee conundrum; Travel tip; Puzzle time; 2017 events


Making sense out of the 36-month, ex-post, annualized standard deviation; Book review: The reporter who knew too much; GIPS XXX; Puzzle time; 2017 events


Converting a quarterly return into monthlies; New proposed GIPS statement to review; PMAR 2017: The wizards of performance measurement; Puzzle time; 2017 events calendar

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