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The Cost of Benchmark Data – Things You Need To Know; Buy-Side Survey; Puzzle Time; Behind the Scenes at TSG: Steve Sobhi; Upcoming Trainings and Conferences

CIPM Reaches and Surpasses Milestone; TSG Receives Two Wealth and Money Management Awards; Nasdaq Closing Bell Ceremony; GIPS For Asset Owners Webinar; Performance and Risk Measurement Library; Bloomberg Radio Interview; Buy-Side Survey; Puzzle Time; Behind the Scenes at TSG: Susan Kneller; Upcoming Trainings and Conferences

Performance measurement books…just when you thought it was safe to stop collecting; Is it arithmetic vs. geometric attribution that we care about?; Puzzle time; Behind the scenes at TSG:Douglas Spaulding; CIPM Survey; Upcoming training and conferences

The start of a new year; The confusing ways of off benchmark bets; Extending attribution across time- survey results; Behind the scenes at TSG: Linda Burk; Puzzle time; Upcoming training and conferences

Multi-period Attribution confusion reigns;Book Review: The Math Book; No I didn’t invent money-weighted performance;
Clients’ Corner: Bernd Fischer, Ph.D.Puzzle time; Behind the scenes at TSG: Jaime Fowler Puerschner; Upcoming training and conferences.

Why rates of returns aren’t being given to prospective investors; In Memoriam; Does order dependence matter?; Puzzle time; Behind the scenes at TSG; Upcoming training and conferences.

Money manager runs afoul of the SEC; Hedging an internal rate of return; Puzzle time; Behind the scenes at TSG; Client’s corner: Bob Leaper; Upcoming training and conferences.

Annualized Standard Deviation; Puzzle Time; Behind the Scenes at TSG;
From our Readers;Client’s Corner: Mark Elliott; Event and Training Calendar





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