Performance Perspectives Newsletter

Performance Perspectives Newsletter


The Mystery of Excess Returns; The 75th Meeting of the Performance Measurement Forum; Puzzle Time; Event and Training Calendar


More on IRR; Expanded Role for IRR in GIPS; Puzzle Time; Event and Training Calendar


First Principles of performance measurement; GIPS Prep; Puzzle time; Event and Training calendar

August / September

A Fundamental rule of contribution (absolute attribution); Book review: “One Righteous Man”; Brief recap: GIPS annual conference; Puzzle time; Training updates


Is Information Ratio a risk-Adjusted Return?; On Achievement; Residuals and Geometric attribution; Book review: Towards an imperfect union; CIPM Program survey; Performance Measurement Boot Camp; Puzzle time


What happened to March, April & May?; New Guidance Statement; Risk-adjusted performance attribution; Jack Treynor; Inconsistency in rates of return; Puzzle time

January / February

NEW GIPS Guidance Statement; The Dynamics of Investment Performance and Risk Measurement; Performance Measurement…Not Everyone Does Get Right; GIPS Tips; Puzzle time; 2016 events Announced

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