Performance Perspectives Newsletter

Performance Perspectives Newsletter

November / December 2015

Does it pay to have software certified?; A tip to overcome jetlag; Puzzle time; 2016 events Announced


Making sense of compounding; Puzzle time; Reader comments; Tips to keep your advertisements out of trouble from IA Watch


Store more, calculate less – Clarifying a few unclear points about the Internal Rate of Return; Congratulations CFA Institute on the 10th Anniversary of the CIPM program; So, What happened at the GIPS annual conference?; Puzzle time; upcoming events


Is it time to replace the term “discretionary?”; What do we agree on? As it turns out, not much; Puzzle time; upcoming events


Opinion is not knowledge; Automating our verification practice; TSG Reaches a milestone: 25 Years!; Puzzle time; Upcoming events; Letter to clients and friends

May / June

Crossing the Gap…How?; Puzzle time; Upcoming events and articles


Structuralism and GIPS; BI-SAM Webinar: Panel Discussion; Rimes Data Governance Conference; Puzzle time; Upcoming events

February / March

A bit more about time-weighting and money-weighting; Book Review; Puzzle time; Clients’ Corner: Laura Soehl; Upcoming Training and Conferences


A record setting event of epic proportions; Dispersion…are we calculating it correctly; Puzzle time;

ACQ Award 2014 for top US GIPS Consulting Firm; 2015 events and training calendar

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